Festival Valise is held annually since 1987 and has so far hosted more than 300 theaters in over 50 countries from Argentina, United States, China, Israel, Norway, Italy, Spain, Russia, Croatia, Germany, Singapore, Japan, France, Iran and others, and with them dozens of guests from all over the world and thousands of spectators.

The form of the Festival is unchanged from its beginnings. The jurors asses performances with a scenography that can be put into a single valise, like in the title of the Festival. Every year the prestige of the Festival raises, which is why the guests of our festival are the best local and foreign theatrical performers.

This is a review, which goes beyond any single genre. While watching the performances we can not only experience entertaining plays but also have a chance to commune with intellectual theatre, which comes into existence due to the great passion of its creators. It is a reflection of artistic visions and experiments.

The Festival is an unusual collage of repertoire – from the classics – to innovational realizations and even experimenting. During the Festival there will be other accompanying events: street performances, recitals, poetry evenings, meetings behind the scenes, discussions with the creators and people involved in the Theatre.

This is the reason why „Valise” acts as an international forum for exchanging ideas, a unique chance to see professionals at work, a sphere of artistic experiments and visions. It also plays the role of partnership meetings with the authors, shows The Puppet Theatre from a greater perspective and allows new forms of expressions and beauty to come out.